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Google Photos is introducing a ‘Show Less’ feature for faces in Memories




Google Photos is introducing a 'Show Less' feature for faces in Memories

Google Photos does giving users more control over their memories with a new “Show Less” option currently being tested. This feature, spotted in a recent app update v6.81.0.628906483, addresses a common pain point for users, according to Android Authority.

The current ‘Block Face’ option completely removes a face from all photos, not just memories. This can be difficult, especially with group photos where you want to remember the other attendees.

Google is introducing a new setting for the Show Less feature

The “Show less” option offers a much more user-friendly solution. Users can choose to minimize the appearance of specific faces in their Memories slideshows, without removing them from the photo library completely. This allows for a more curated and personal experience when revisiting moments from the past.

While specific details on how ‘Show Less’ will function are limited, reports point to the option in the ‘People & Pets’ section of the Google Photos app. Here users can find a new toggle labeled “Hide face from reminders.” This allows users to indicate which faces they would prefer to see less of in their automated slideshows. Google is also introducing a dedicated settings path for ‘Show Less’ – Settings > Preferences > Reminders > Hide people and pets – making it easy to find and manage.

Source – Android Authority

When will Show Less be available in Google Photos?

There’s no official word yet on when the “Show Less” option will be available to the public. Google typically rolls out features in phases, with a limited number of users testing them first before releasing them more widely.

Will Google give users even more control over their memories? Perhaps future features could allow users to compose specific faces for inclusion in slideshows, or even create slideshows focused on certain events or people. With ‘Show Less’, Google is taking an important step forward, but it could be the first on the road to a truly personalized Memories experience.