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Google Wallet no longer works on older devices




Google Wallet no longer works on older devices

Google Wallet is probably the most convenient and useful tap-to-pay platform on Android. But as with most platforms, it becomes less useful as the device ages. Google just announced this Google Wallet does not work on older devices.

If you’re curious about what Google Wallet is and why you should use it, we have a full overview of what this platform is. It’s a great platform to use if you want to switch from using a real wallet. While this is not a good replacement for your wallet, it can replace it in certain areas.

If you are someone who doesn’t like using their credit card just to make a purchase, you can use Google Wallet’s tap-to-pay option to pay for products. This is not the only functionality that this platform brings.

Google Wallet does not work on older devices

If you’ve been using Google Wallet on an older device, you’re in for a bit of disappointing news. The company has announced that Google Wallet will no longer work if you are using a phone with Android 8 or older. Google has removed apps that target older versions of Android and tells developers not to develop for those versions.

Why is this? Well, it’s for safety. In the updated Google support document, Google says that “security updates are not available for Android versions lower than 9.” If you’re using Google Wallet on a version of Android older than 9 Pie, you will too are unable to receive appropriate security updates to keep your phone safe. This seemingly puts your phone at greater risk of being infiltrated by bad actors. That’s the LAST thing you want to happen to an app that handles your credit cards and ID cards

This isn’t just for Android folks. If you are a person using a wearable with Wear OS 2 or lower, you will also lose support.

It might be time to upgrade

If you’re using an older device and Google Wallet is critical to your experience, it might be time to upgrade. It will be annoying to spend money on a new device if your current device works perfectly. However, there are several benefits to upgrading your device.

Firstly, having a newer device gives you access to newer features coming to the software. Second, newer devices are more secure because they receive the latest security updates. The number of security updates you receive varies depending on the manufacturer. You get more security updates for phones from Google and Samsung.

Finally, having a newer device means you’re using newer hardware. So your device can perform daily tasks better and last longer on a single charge.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can check out our list of the best budget smartphones on the market.