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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunite for the first time in 47 days




Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunite for the first time in 47 days

Jennifer Lopez And am Affleck put on a united front for their children and reunited for the first time in seven weeks. The couple reunited Finn Affleck‘s school production on Thursday, but arrived separately and didn’t seem happy to see each other as rumors are swirling that the actor is done with their marriage, has learned.

It has been 47 days since they were seen together in public, and an eyewitness opened up about the frosty affair when the two met in a parking lot before the show on Thursday. “Ben didn’t seem happy to see J Lo when she arrived at a show for one of his children,” the insider shared Daily email.

They did not hug each other during the cold interaction.

“When he saw her get out of her car, they did not hug or kiss,” the Observer noted. Despite the tense altercation, J Lo brought Affleck along and Jen Garner‘s middle child a beautiful bouquet to celebrate the performance.

The reunion means nothing, says an insider Perez Hilton that “nothing would have stopped them from getting together for the kids” and that “the marital drama comes second.”

“They present a united front. Jen showed up with Emme to support Fin. Emme is super attached to Fin, so it’s only natural that Jen was there regardless of what she’s going through with Ben,” the source said.

Although J Lo didn’t get any love from her husband for almost two years, everything seemed to be going well between the singer and Affleck’s son Samuel, 12.