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Jennifer Lopez’s Atlas leads, Bridgerton remains strong




Jennifer Lopez's Atlas leads, Bridgerton remains strong

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Atlas’ was the most-watched title on Netflix during the week of May 20 to 26, racking up 28.2 million views in its first three days of availability. The film stars Lopez in the title role as she investigates a fugitive AI terrorist, played by Simu Liu.

The next most-watched title, which unsurprisingly topped the week’s TV chart, was Bridgerton season 3, which racked up 25.3 million views in Part 1’s first full week of availability. That’s down from of the 45.1 million views the season reached in its debut weekend, and Netflix’s biggest titles tend to increase in viewership in the first weeks after their opening, but in this case a decline is expected. With only four episodes currently available, running a total of three hours and forty minutes, it was easier for viewers to complete their post-release binges than in previous seasons, where all eight episodes disappeared at once.

In fact, Bridgerton Season 3 continues to outpace Season 2 after posting the show’s strongest opening last week. Season 2, which debuted while Netflix was still ranking viewership by total hours watched rather than estimated views, started with 193 million hours watched and rose to 251.7 million hours the following week. Divided by the season’s 8.5-hour runtime, that amounts to 52.3 million views, still less than Season 3’s 70.4 million views so far.

Like last week, previous seasons of “Bridgerton” also saw bumps thanks to the release of Season 3. Season 1 jumped to No. 2 on the TV chart with 6.4 million views, while Season 2 jumped to No. 4 with 5.3 million views. . Additionally, spinoff “Queen Charlotte: Bridgerton Story” landed at No. 8 with 3.1 million views.

With four more episodes of Season 3 on June 13, the Shonda Rhimes-produced Regency drama is sure to continue to top the Netflix Top 10.

“Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal” took third place and was viewed 6.3 million times in its first full week of availability. Other repeat titles included “Baby Reindeer,” which had its seventh week on the chart at No. 5 with 4.5 million views, and “Bodkin,” which reached ninth place in its third week on the chart with 1.9 million views .

Debuts this week included the new “Jurassic World” series “Chaos Theory” and the Shane Gillis comedy “Tires,” which hit No. 6 and No. 7 with 3.8 million views each, as well as the reality series about real estate “Buying London,” which opened with 1.9 million views at the bottom of the chart.

Check out Netflix’s Top 10 lists for the week of May 20-26 below. The lists start with English-language series, followed by non-English-language TV shows, English-language films, and then non-English-language films.