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Kanye West parts ways with lawyer in $1 million legal battle




Kanye West parts ways with lawyer in $1 million legal battle

Kanye West is parting ways with his legal team fighting the $1 million lawsuit filed by an ex-employee who claimed the star made him sleep outside his unfinished Malibu mansion under “improvised circumstances.” Legal documents obtained by reveal that the Vultures rapper filed a notice of substitution of attorney just days after losing his longtime Yeezy chief of staff, far-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.

Ye filed the documents in Los Angeles Supreme Court on May 20, informing the court that he would swap his former lawyers. London D. Meservy And Justin Morellofor a striking legal representative from Beverly Hills.

We can reveal that Ye has hired Brian Brumfield of The Brumfield Law Group Tony Saxonwho filed a lawsuit Kim Kardashian‘s ex in September 2023 for alleged discrimination, labor law violations and retaliation.

Everyone signed off on the change, including Ye’s head of legal department, indicating that his ex-lawyers would do well to part ways with the controversial superstar. The documents date from five days after news broke that Ye had split from his longtime friend Yiannopoulos when the latter disagreed with the formation of “Yeezy porn.”

That makes three confidantes Ye left behind in just a few weeks.

Brumfield will now be the legal battle with Saxon, who claimed Ye initially hired him as a project manager in September 2021 and then asked him to provide 24/7 security for the beachfront mansion and act as a live-in caretaker for $20,000 a week.

As reported, Saxon claimed that throughout his employment he “slept in makeshift conditions, finding empty spots on the floor and using his jacket as makeshift bedding.”

Saxon said he complained several times about working conditions and hazards in and around the home — including the lack of safety equipment despite workers demolishing the property — but Ye “took no action.”

He said he had injured his back and informed the musician that he needed time off, but Ye reportedly “continued to push for updates on the house.” Saxon claimed that one of the most dangerous jobs Ye insisted on was removing “all electricity and windows from the house.”

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Although he reportedly expressed his concerns to the superstar, he claimed that Ye “persisted, raised his voice and insisted on moving large generators in the house, which could potentially lead to a fire hazard.” Saxon claimed Ye “threatened” him when he expressed his concerns about the project. Saxon claimed he was fired for failing to comply with West’s request and sued him for more than $1 million in damages.

But the rapper hit back and asked for all of Saxon’s claims to be dismissed.

The case is still ongoing.