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Lidl is raising wages to match Aldi in the battle for staff



Lidl has raised its basic wages to match those of its competitor Aldi in a bid to attract and retain staff.

Lidl has raised its basic wages to those of rival Aldi in a bid to attract and retain staff.

The supermarket’s new hourly rates of £12.40 for workers outside Greater London and £13.65 for workers within the M25 motorway now match Aldi’s pay scale.

This move positions both German discount chains above the major supermarket groups in terms of pay. Lidl CEO Ryan McDonnell highlighted the company’s commitment to offering industry-leading rewards, especially as it expands with plans for new stores in the UK.

The wage increase takes place in a broader context of rising minimum wage standards set by the government. The National Living Wage, which rose to £11.44 in April and now covers workers over the age of 21, serves as a benchmark for companies’ pay policies.

While the major supermarkets typically pay more than the minimum wage, with rates of more than £13 per hour in Greater London and at least £12 outside the capital, the move by Lidl and Aldi highlights their competitiveness in the retail sector. For example, Tesco offers hourly rates ranging from £12.02 to £13.13 depending on location.