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Nest Productions signs production agreement with Greenred Media




Nest Productions signs production agreement with Greenred Media

Nest Productions, a British production partnership, has signed a deal with Greenred Media.

As part of the deal, which will see Nest provide production and business infrastructure for all productions, Nest co-founders Derek Drennan and Stew Batt will join Greenred’s board as managing directors.

Marisa Erftemeijer and Floury Crum from Nest will also join Greenred as head of production and production manager respectively.

Greenred and Nest first worked together on ‘Make Your Move’, a social entertainment series from Channel 4 and Skipton Building Society, which aired on Channel 4’s digital channels last week. Paul De Freitas, director of Greenred Media, produced the series – in which mortgage expert Tayo Oguntonade guides three couples in their search for a first home – while Nest provided the infrastructure.

Nest will now regularly collaborate with Greenred to produce original factual and branded content. Nest will provide production support and management, while Greenred will own the IP.

Nest was co-founded by veteran factual entertainment producers Drennan (“Made in Chelsea”) and Batt (“James May’s Toy Stories”) to support small and indie production companies with talent, production expertise, infrastructure and development.

“Nest’s model is based on exactly these types of partnerships; where we can help create the factual content we love. It is a pleasure to work with Greenred, who produce unique factual and branded content such as ‘Make Your Move’,” said Batt. “We are curious where the collaboration will lead us.”

Greenred’s De Freitas added: “Greenred is very pleased with the partnership with Nest Productions. Their expertise and professionalism help level the playing field with the larger indie companies. We can produce our content with confidence, knowing that we are doing everything the right way and in the best way. Having Derek and Stew on the board, and Marisa and Flo helping with operations and critical decisions, leads us to a brighter and greater future, working with broadcasters, digital platforms and brands.