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Pixel Launcher to get new app animations and more in Android 15




Featured image for Pixel Launcher to get new app animations & more in Android 15

Google rolled out the Android 15 beta 1 version for Pixel devices a few days ago. The company will unveil the Android 15 update and its full features at the Google I/O 2024 event in May. Android Authority learned this ahead of the launch Pixel Launcher gets a handful of new features in Android 15. The launcher offers improved app animations, refined launcher recommendations, and improvements to the “recent screen” user environment.

Pixel Launcher offers accelerated and improved app animation

According to the source, Pixel Launcher offers a new animation to swipe up to return to the home screen. As you can see in the video below, the new animation appears to be faster and more responsive than Android 14. The new animation in Pixel Launcher in the Android 15 version will better emphasize the wallpaper zoom effect. It also seems to be more resilient than in the Android 14 version.

Categorized widget recommendations are coming to Pixel Launcher in Android 15

Next, the new version of Pixel Launcher in Android 15 will offer improved widget recommendations. Currently, when you add a new widget, the launcher presents a random widget recommendation at the top. However, this will change in Android 15, as the launcher will show a more extensive recommendation system. It will suggest widget recommendations categorized by type, such as Essentials, Social, Entertainment, and more.

Some other categories in the widget recommendations include News & Magazines, Health & Fitness, Your Chill Zone, Suggested for You, and Weather. Another improvement in the widget section is the addition of a “+ Add” button in Pixel Launcher in Android 15. It will make it easier to add new widgets on the launcher screen. Currently in the Android 14 version you have to press and hold the widget and then drag it onto the screen.

Improvements to the “recents screen” user interface are also on the way

In addition, Google will offer improvements to the “recent screen” user interface in Android 15. There will be changes in the methods of accessing the menu where the options are placed to open the app info page, split screen mode and pause the app. Currently you have to click the app icon in the “recent screen” UI to access these options.

However, a pill will appear on the screen showing the app info page, split screen mode, and pause app buttons in Android 15. Users can easily miss these shortcuts completely in Android 14. These options will be particularly easy to find in Pixel Launcher in Android 15.

The source suggests that the above-mentioned new features are not available in the Android 15 beta 1 release currently. However, they are expected to be available in the stable version rolling out later this year.