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Prince Andrew’s royal box falls into disrepair as he refuses to leave




Prince Andrew's royal box falls into disrepair as he refuses to leave

The Royal Lodge appears to be falling into disrepair just months later Prince Andreas refused to leave the mansion and assured his brother King Charles II that he would find the means to carry out the necessary renovations, has learned.

The disgraced Duke of York was reportedly asked to leave the sprawling 30-room mansion last year after being forced to step back from his royal duties over sexual assault allegations and his links to the late sex offender financier Jeffrey Epstein.

He has no apparent source of income and was believed to be unable to manage the £400,000-a-year maintenance of the property. But after turning down an offer to move into Frogmore Cottage, he reportedly reached a deal where he would be allowed to stay if he continued with the repairs.

“The Duke of York has a clear responsibility for the upkeep of the Royal Lodge estate, which is certainly not happening,” a source said. The mirror. “The condition of the house will be of great concern to the king after everything that has happened and discussed regarding the house.”

‘Prince Andrew was told to take charge of the necessary renovations or he will have no reason to stay in the house. There is no doubt that the King will be alarmed at the true state of the residence after the Duke assured him that everything was fine. .”

Royal expert Ingrid Sewardeditor-in-chief of Majesty magazine added: ‘The reason Charles has the problems with Andrew is because of Andrew’s inflated sense of self-importance, which is why he thinks he should live in a palace or something like that. Despite extensive renovations, which were part of Andrew’s agreement with the Crown Estates when he took over, Royal Lodge is extremely expensive to run. As usual, [Andrew’s] financial situation is shrouded in mystery.”

“If he has the money, he’s clearly not using it to maintain Royal Lodge. ‘Maintaining a house that size could cost him everything he has and more. The late queen is said to have given him ‘absolute certainty’ that he could live there as long as he wanted. Charles doesn’t want to upset his brother. He won’t force him to leave, but he also has no desire to finance him for the rest of his life.”