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Recap of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 11, Episode 12: Clock Revealed




Recap of 'The Masked Singer' Season 11, Episode 12: Clock Revealed

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you have not seen season 11, episode 12 of “The Masked Singer,” “Semi-Finals: Then There Were Three,” which aired May 15 on Fox.

“The Masked Singer” revealed the latest celebrity to be revealed during the quarterfinals on Wednesday night, and it was Thelma Houston as Clock.

Houston is of course best known for her classic hit ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’. For Clock, Rita Ora did a good job with Thelma Houston. Robin Thicke went with Stephanie Mills. Ken Jeong said it was Janet Jackson. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg thought it was Roberta Flack.

Clock finished in third place for the season after the three semifinalists performed one more time in a battle royale, each performing their version of Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This.” With Clock out, Gumball and Goldfish move on to next week’s finale.

This week’s semi-final episode kicked off with all three celebrity contestants opening with Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher Love’.

Thelma Houston as Clock joins Chrissy Metz (Poodle Moth), Corey Feldman (Seal) and Clay Aiken/Ruben Studdard (Beets), Jenifer Lewis (Miss Cleocatra), Kate Flannery (Starfish), Charlie Wilson (Ugly Sweater), DeMarcus Ware (Koala), Colton Underwood (Love Bird), Sisqó (Lizard), Billy Bush (Sir Lion), Joe Bastianich (Spaghetti & Meatballs), Savannah Chrisley (Afghan Hound) and Kevin Hart (Book) as the celebrities unmasked on ‘ The Masked Singer” this season.

Back for season 11 are host Nick Cannon, alongside panelists Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke, while Rita Ora has stepped up to the plate to fill in for Nicole Scherzinger, who was in London to star on the West End’s ‘Sunset Boulevard ‘.

Season 11 of “The Masked Singer” will feature themed episodes including “The Wizard of Oz,” celebrating the 85th anniversary of the classic film; ‘Transformers’ (celebrating the brand’s 40th anniversary) and music tributes including ‘Billy Joel Night’ and ‘Queen Night’. Other themes include ‘Girl Groups’, ‘Soundtrack of My Life’, ‘TV Theme Night’ and ‘Shower Anthems’.

Featuring a total of sixteen famous singers, including three ‘wild cards’, season 11 features new costumes including ‘Gumball’, ‘Lizard’, ‘Ugly Sweater’, ‘Goldfish’, ‘Starfish’, ‘Book’, ‘Gumball’, ‘ Miss Cleocatra,” “Afghan Hound,” “Beets,” “Poodle Moth,” “Clock,” “Spaghetti and Meatballs,” “Lizard,” “Koala,” “Seal,” and “Sir Lion.” According to the show, the season 11 contestants have a total of 22 Grammy nominations, 11 platinum albums, 33 Teen Choice nominations, 108 million records sold, 326 film appearances and 1.7 billion Spotify streams.

Next week, Group B winner Gumball will take on Group A winner Goldfish in the final.

Here were the performances from Wednesday’s episode 12, “Semi-Finals: Then There Were Three”:

Goldfish, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)

Goldfish (Group A Champion)

Song: “You Must Know,” by Alanis Morissette

Panel guesses: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashkey Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff

Super clue: “It’s a real blast from the past because me and the mouse go way back in time.”

Voice-over package: “It’s a bit surreal to be in the semi-finals. Now I have to say that fame was never my goal. I honestly thought I was going to be a pediatrician. But I loved performing. I just didn’t realize that in order to do what I love, I would have to live in a fishbowl. And it made me withdraw. And be much more private. Becoming the Goldfish has unleashed a really fun, silly side of me. To be honest, only a few people in my life get to see that. And it was so much fun to let loose. Coming from a girl who once wore a prom dress to an awards ceremony, this is it. The dresses, the gills, the glamour. Tonight I’m singing ‘You Oughta Know’ by Alanis Morisette. And I’m here to remind you that I would love to have a spot in the finals. It would mean everything to place that gold MSSK trophy next to my others. And oh, I’d love to bring the microphone too.

Previous issues: “Vampire,” by Olivia Rodrigo, “Baby Come Back,” by Player; “The Show Must Go On,” by Queen; ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole

Previous panel estimates: Lea Michele, Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sarah Hyland, Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev, Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Scherzinger, Hilary Duff, Julianne Hough

Gumball, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)

Gumball (Group B Champion)

Song: “I Lived,” by OneRepublic

Panel guesses: James Van Der Beek, Jason Sudeikis, Taylor Kitsch

Super clue: Cheerleader shouts ‘Gumball’. “Hearing that cheer reminds me of a role that changed this Gumball’s life forever.”

Bonus Prime Delivery Note: Doctor’s kit for children.

Voice-over package: “If you had told me that being a giant gumball machine would be my favorite role so far, I wouldn’t have believed you. But becoming Gumball has allowed me to tap into my roots and do something I’ve loved since the beginning: singing. Music was my first love. But when I moved to Hollywood, I had to give up that part of myself to be taken seriously. Hollywood is a bit like a gumball machine. People put a quarter in you and take a piece of you that they want. And I am grateful for my life. But the Masked Singer is taking my quarter back and doing what I love for a change. I want my children to see that their father never said no to an adventure. And that is also my wish for them. That they live life to the fullest. Even if that means putting on a Gumball costume and going crazy. Tonight’s performance is for my children, and if it got me to the finals, that would be extra sweet.”

Previous issues: “If I Only Had a Heart,” by Jack Haley; “Wide Open Spaces,” by the Chicks; “Carry On Wayward Son,” by Kansas; “I Am Yours,” by Jason Mraz

Previous panel estimates: Chace Crawford, Kevin Jonas, Jamie Dornan, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Derek Hough, Taran Killam, Jack Black, Zachary Levi, James Marsden, James van der Beek

Klok, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)

Klok (Group C champion)

Song: ‘Dancing in the Streets’ by Martha and the Vandellas

Panel guesses: Stephanie Mills, Roberta Flack, Thelma Houston

Super clue: Gold bars. “This isn’t the first show I’ve done. And every performance I’ve done has been gold.”

Bonus Prime Delivery Note: Roller skating

Voice-over package: “Being here in the semi-finals was a total statement for me! Because I’m not as young as I used to be. But “Word the Clock” was so much fun. It reminded me after all these years that Mom still has it! But it was also a challenge. When I was younger, I suffered from stage fright so much that my knees buckled under my bathrobe. I had to learn how to connect with the audience through eye contact and a smile. And now this mask takes all that away! So I’ve had to connect in other ways. This dress isn’t made for moving, but that won’t stop me! Look, I wanted to do Masked Singer to introduce myself to a whole new generation. And to get this far is a real treat. So now I’m going to sing, dance and twerk my way to the final.”

Previous issues: “Piano Man,” by Billy Joel; “Good Times,” by Blinky and Jim Gilstrap; “Respect,” by Aretha Franklin; “Get on Your Feet” by Gloria Estefan

Previous panel estimates: Anita Baker, Evelyn Champagne King, Diana Ross, Stephanie Mills, Debbie Allen, Janet Jackson, Tina Knowles, Denice Williams, Sister Sledge, Shirley Bassey

Last season’s performers included Ne-Yo as Cow, John Schneider as Donut, Macy Gray as Sea Queen and Janel Parrish as Gazelle, along with John Oates as Anteater, Keyshia Cole as Candelabra, Sebastian Bach as Tiki, Ginuwine as Husky , Ashley Parker Angel as S’more, Metta World Peace as Cuddle Monster, Luann de Lesseps as Hibiscus, Tyler Posey as Hawk, Billie Jean King as Royal Hen, Michael Rapaport as Pickle, Tom Sandoval as Diver, Anthony Anderson as Rubber Ducky and one-off special guest Demi Lovato as anonymous.

Fox Alternative Entertainment is behind “The Masked Singer,” produced by showrunner James Breen, Craig Plestis and Nick Cannon. The series is based on the South Korean format created by Mun Hwa Broadcasting Corp.