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Ryan and Trista Sutter try to “do our best” after the reunion



Ryan and Trista Sutter try to "do our best" after the reunion

Ryan Sutter reflects on life with his wife Trista Sutter after her mysterious journey.

A week after Ryan, 49, shared an Instagram post reflecting on the concern he inadvertently raised by cryptically posting about Trista, 51, missing Mother’s Day for unspecified reasons, he shared his and his life philosophy woman.

“We do our best – to do and be good, to live and treat others well. We make decisions without knowing the outcome, but hope that we are on the right track – hoping that the questions will be answered in time,” he began an long Instagram caption on Wednesday, May 29. “We try to be a positive example, to care, to trust the process and to believe that others will trust that our intentions are not malicious, deceptive or mean. We do our best to live for a purpose: to build meaningful relationships and experiences and contribute to a common good.”

Ryan, who married Trista in 2003 after meeting her during the first season of The Bacheloretteadded that the couple is “seeking balance” and doing their “best to remain easy-going in a difficult world, to be honest in deceptive times.”

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Trista reposted Ryan’s statement — and accompanying photo of the couple relaxing on a beach — on Wednesday.

“I couldn’t have said it better, so with permission I share his beautiful words ❤️❤️,” she wrote.

Ryan and Trista, who share son Maxwell, 16, and daughter Blakesley, 15, made headlines earlier this month when Ryan reported that Trista was away from their family.

“I know you wish you were here for Mother’s Day. We wish you were too. But sometimes being a mother means letting go of their hands, granting them independence and encouraging their courageous spirit,” he captioned a May 12 Instagram family photo. “Sometimes you have to leave so they know you’re coming back, that your love isn’t limited by distance, difficulty or time. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.”

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On May 17, Ryan Posted about wishing he could talk to his wife, even if just “for a minute.” He followed up a day later and assured his Instagram followers that he and Trista were doing well.

“Were great. Trista is in a place in life where she is a bit searching. An opportunity arose that could help her in that search,” he wrote. “With the support of her family, she took over “Part of that process means she is temporarily inaccessible to us.”

Ryan Sutter shares another long post about life with Trista Sutter
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Trista returned to Instagram on Saturday, May 25, to poke fun at the many theories surrounding her absence.

“Gosh people. Can’t a girl here have a nervous breakdown/trial separation/midlife crisis/death/divorce in peace?! 😜🤣,” she wrote alongside a photo of her and her family on the beach, adding that “an opportunity for perspective and growth” lay behind her absence. “My stoic husband, who usually prefers privacy to posting, decided to share his love for me in posts that would find me on my travels.”

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Ryan, meanwhile, admitted on May 21 that the concern raised by his enigmatic post was both strange and appreciated.

“It felt strange to wear the clothes of former fame again, even if for a short time. It reminded me how crazy life was and how grateful I am for the life I have. But to be honest, it also felt good to know that people still cared, worried, and wondered,” he wrote alongside an Instagram photo of his dog. “It felt good to be noticed and it inspired me to pay more attention to others – when they are doing good or when they need help. In the end, as with most things, everything turned out fine. Although I think I’ll be posting about my dog ​​again for a while…’

Although Trista didn’t reveal exactly what she did while she was away, her fellow Bachelor Nation alum said Ashley Iaconetti has a theory.

‘She’s gone for two weeks. Is she recording a show? Is she on? Special forces? Because I told her she would be perfect for it Special forces,” Iaconetti, 36, said during an episode of her and Ben Higgins‘Almost Famous’ podcast earlier this month.

The cast of season 3 Special Forces: The World’s Toughest Test has not yet been revealed.