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Summer House Summary: Carl Radke claims Lindsay has no career



Summer House Summary: Carl Radke claims Lindsay has no career
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Carl Radke didn’t take the high road when it came to comparing his career with Lindsay Hubbard‘is on the last Summer house episode.

“I feel like I’m rushing, and there’s stuff going on,” Carl, 39, said Kyle Cooke on the Thursday, April 25, episode of the Bravo series, where we recall how Lindsay, 37, previously claimed he had no “hustle” or “passion” about work.

Carl left Kyle’s Loverboy in 2022 and had yet to return to a full-time role in the summer of 2023, when season 8 was filmed. While talking to Kyle, he wondered how his career break was different from Lindsay’s employment status. (Carl has since rejoined the Loverboy team on a limited basis.)

“What did you do? Seriously, what are you doing?” he asked rhetorically, still speaking to Kyle, 42. “The way she looks at it is that getting the brand deals is her career.”

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Carl joked; “I’m not trying to be tit-for-tat, but it definitely affects my ego. This story about me not doing anything or making any money is kind of ridiculous.

Carl revealed that he “already made $70,000 this year from paid posts,” but confessed that Lindsay makes more on social media. “She made $150 [thousand],” he shared.

Elsewhere in the episode, Carl explained that arguing about money isn’t the only shocking conversation he had with Lindsay that weekend.

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He told Kyle it was the “first time” he realized Lindsay wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, admitting, “It’s definitely a conversation we should have had a year and a half ago.” (At the time of filming in August 2023, Carl and Lindsay were planning to tie the knot three months later.)

“The way I know Lindsay is this independent, tough career woman. Now it sounds like she just wants to stay home and raise the kids,” Carl said during a confessional. “That’s a lot of pressure for me.”

Carl and Lindsay started dating in the summer of 2021 after briefly hooking up a few years earlier. The couple got engaged in the summer of 2022, which was featured in season 7 of the series Summer house.

After filming ended on season 8, We weekly confirmed that Carl had called off their engagement in August 2023. Lindsay spoke exclusively Us in November 2023 that she was “blindsided” by the breakup.

Viewers, meanwhile, have watched Carl and Lindsay’s relationship fall apart throughout Season 8 of the Bravo series, which premiered in February.

In addition to Lindsay claiming on the show that Carl lacked ambition, the two have fought on multiple episodes, revealing sexual frustrations and stating that there were “red flags” on both sides.

Summer house airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9pm ET.