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The 15 Best ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Episodes, Ranked




The 15 Best 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Episodes, Ranked

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For nearly 25 years, Larry David has gifted audiences with a glimpse into his hilarious misfortunes and creative approach to social conventions.

Throughout 12 seasons and 120 episodes, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has coined terms from “pants tent” to “accidental text on purpose” to “stop ‘n chat,” all while magnifying the minutiae of everyday life. Whether Larry is opening a “spite store,” offending the Ayatolla or picking up a prostitute in order to use the carpool lane, “Curb” always finds a way to ground its insanity in the “Seinfeld” co-creator’s real life observations.

Wrapping up its 12th and final season in 2024, David reunited with Jerry Seinfeld to put a new spin on the polarizing “Seinfeld” series finale, which landed Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer in a jail cell. In the final season of “Curb,” Larry is arrested for breaking a Georgia election law when he gives Leon’s aunt a bottle of water as she’s in line to vote. On trial, he’s visited by his past nemeses, who tear him apart as character witnesses. But unlike his “Seinfeld” characters, Larry is freed from jail with a little help from Jerry.

In honor of the end of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Variety has ranked the 15 best episodes of the beloved HBO comedy.