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The 7 Best Sneakers Of 2024 So Far




Even though 2024 is only a few months away, we’ve already seen a lot of great new sneakers. Brands are quickly launching great designs, and you can’t miss some cool new pairs. The most amazing thing about many of these designs is that they are unisex, so perfect for men and women. From brand new Hokas to a stylish collaboration between Asics and Kith, to funky New Balance shoes designed with Joe Freshgoods, the best sneakers of 2024 so far have set the tone for the months ahead.

This year’s top designs balance function, comfort and style, making them must-have wardrobe essentials. These are the sneakers you’ll want to show off on your Instagram, the ones your friends will love, and the ones you’ll leave in their box when you’re not wearing them. As we eagerly await the arrival of even more cool sneakers, the sneakers shown here are fantastic options to freshen up your shoe collection.

Here are the 7 best sneakers of 2024 so far…

#1. Hoka Clifton L Suede FP Movement

Photo: HOKA

Store here

The latest version of the Hoka Clifton is here, and it’s the best yet. It retains all the features that make it great for running, but now has a stylish suede upper in simple colors and comes with three sets of custom laces – how great! These updates make these sneakers perfect not only for running, but also for everyday use. Whether you’re jogging or just going about your daily activities, these shoes fit right in with their versatile design.

#2. Asics x Kith Gel-1130 “Cream/Scarab”

Photo: StockX

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When Asics collaborates with Kith, you can expect something special. This cream-colored sneaker reflects the classic, timeless look of Asics, but Kith adds its own cool, fresh twist with simple, clean lines. The shoe also has a breathable mesh upper, making it extremely versatile and suitable for any style or occasion.

#3. Air Jordan 4 Retro “Military Blue”

rave with the best sneakers of 2024
Photo: StockX

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Attention all sneaker lovers: Military blue has made a comeback! This modern take on the classic Jordans from 1989 features an elegant off-white leather base accented by vibrant military blue accents. Complementing this are the cool gray tones that cover the forefoot and outsole, creating a look that is simple, sporty and absolutely stunning.

#4. New Balance x Joe Freshgoods 1000 “When Things Were Pure Pack – Black Ice”

rave with the best sneakers of 2024
Photo: Crepslocker

Store here

This sneaker has a look that would fit right into the movie “Dune: part two”– Now imagine if the desert dwellers wore New Balances! Luckily, this cool, wavy brown shoe isn’t just a made-up design from a distant planet. And you don’t have to travel to the fictional world of Arrakis to get your hands on some; you can buy these stylish sneakers here on earth.

#5. Asics x Hidden NY Gel-NYC

Photo: ASICS

Store here

From Asics and Hidden NY we have the perfect modern sneaker that looks best when it’s clean and undamaged. These are not intended for running or rugged activities. Instead, they are perfect for a more stylish look. Try wearing them with your favorite jeans to show them off. They are great for adding a trendy touch to your everyday outfits.

#6. Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%3 prototype

Photo: Kicks on Fire

Store here

Chunky Nikes are taking over the sneaker world. Also known as ‘super shoes’, this pair is specially designed to help marathon runners go faster. They effortlessly stand out with their large Nike swoosh and dynamic, chunky soles that simply turn heads. They are more than just functional; they also make a bold fashion statement, perfect for anyone who wants to show off their style with an energetic flair.

#7. Nike Air Max 1 “Beef and Broccoli”


Store here

Does the name of this shoe remind anyone else of food? Name aside, Nike’s new Air Max 1 is definitely worth spending your money on. It has some cozy, earthy colors like green and brown and is made with soft suede inserts. Plus, it’s super comfortable thanks to all the cushioning.

Featured image: @newbalance/Instagram

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