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Travis Scott gets into a fight with Tyga’s boyfriend at Cannes 2024



Travis Scott gets into a fight with Tyga's boyfriend at Cannes 2024

Travis Scott, Tyga and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Getty Images (3)

Travis Scott And Alexander “AE” Edwards got into an argument after the rapper dissed Tyga at the Cannes Film Festival, an exclusive source says We weekly.

According to an eyewitness, the incident began on Friday, May 24, when Scott, 33, and Tyga, 34, were on stage at an event hosted by nightclub mogul Richie Akiva. The spectator told Us that Akiva shouted out Tyga, but Scott “grabbed the microphone out of Akiva’s hand to stop him, which led to Alexander “AE” Edwards getting involved.

“AE started talking back to Travis. There was also a large group of all their friends on stage. Travis walked off stage and came back South side, who started yelling at AE,” the witness claimed. “Travis tried to push AE off the stage and then all three of them pushed each other. AE grabbed Travis and threw him off the stage.

The eyewitness claimed that Tyga was behind the DJ booth the entire time, but his assistant got involved. Security broke up the fight and Scott left with Southside while AE, 36, and Tyga stayed behind.

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A second source explained Us that Akiva tried to get Scott to perform for a few hours, but to no avail.

“When AE and Tyga arrived, they went on stage and Travis came out too,” the source added. “At that point, Richie introduced AE, Tyga and Travis and Travis grabbed the mic from Richie and said, ‘Yeah, we’re not doing this.’ He slammed the microphone and stormed off stage.”

AE tried to tell Scott that Akiva was “just showing love” to Tyga. While Scott initially stormed off stage, he later returned to confront AE about Southside and they became “erratic.”

“AE tried to calm Southside down, but it didn’t work and Southside got in his face,” the insider claimed. “They got into a shoving match and a fistfight and Travis came to his friend Southside’s defense and pushed AE. And when he got his bearings, he defended himself.”

The source claimed that AE’s assistant and Tyga were “not the instigators” when they defended themselves against Southside and Travis.

“Security got involved and shut it down,” the source added. “Tyga and AE stayed and Southside and Travis left.”

No one was injured.

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A blurry video shared by Hollywood Unlocked On Friday, two male figures appeared to be ‘getting to work on it’, according to the text on the screen. The outlet initially reported that it was Tyga and Scott who got into the scuffle.

At first it wasn’t clear what was going on in the video. However, it appeared that one of the two men threw an object at the other. They were then seen talking to each other while a third person kept them apart.

A second video appeared to show multiple people punching each other, but the quality of the clip on social media made it difficult for fans to see what actually happened.

While details about what caused the disagreement are unclear, Scott and Tyga have a lot of history. In addition to being connected through the music industry, both Scott and Tyga were romantically involved with Kylie Jenner. Tyga dated Jenner, 26, from August 2015 to April 2017.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder moved on with Scott shortly after. The couple has two children together: Stormi, 6, and Aire, 2. The relationship had its fair share of ups and downs and ended in 2022, after the birth of their second child.

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Although Tyga and Scott haven’t shared many details about their relationship, the two rappers were not on good terms until March 2022, despite having a mutual ex. Us reported that Tyga supported Scott in his first concert since an influx of crowds at Scott’s 2021 Astroworld festival left ten concertgoers dead.

That’s what an eyewitness said at the time Us that Tyga was in the VIP section of the concert and watched Scott return to the stage.

“He stood up to listen to Travis and then sat back down,” the insider added. “[Tyga] could be [have] left and went to another room, but he chose to stay in the main room to watch his performance.

We weekly has reached out to Scott and Tyga’s reps for comment.