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Why didn’t InterContinental report the sickening Diddy Beatdown video to the police?




Why didn't InterContinental report the sickening Diddy Beatdown video to the police?
Source: MEGA

May 30, 2024, published at 5:30 PM ET

A sickening video featuring a brutal music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs viciously attacking his former girlfriend Cassie Ventura in a hotel hallway – kicking and abusing the songbird before dragging her by her hair and hoodie back to his room – Hollywood calls for justice, but prosecutors won’t charge him, has learned.

The violent images of domestic violence by the cowardly Combs, now 54, on the 37-year-old I you The singer was captured on security cameras at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City on March 5, 2016.

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Diddy reportedly hushed up the horrific incident by paying the hotel $50,000 for the tape, but it suddenly surfaced on May 17, with red-faced LA prosecutors saying they had no choice but to let the bullying happen because ” unfortunately’ the three-year statute of limitations for assault has long since expired.

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Source: CNN

The violent images of domestic abuse by the cowardly Combs are recorded on the hotel security camera.

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“We are aware of the video,” said the prosecutor George Gascon office in one written rack. “We find the images extremely disturbing.”

Meanwhile, other rappers like it 50 cents and Diddy’s former protégé, singer Aubrey O’DayAre striking the brute because of his despicable behavior. Fans are also outraged over the Bad Boy for Life rapper, with many calling for him to be locked up.

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But some fans are blaming the hotel for allowing the producer and music mogul to walk away. One of them says the InterContinental “had this video and never reported it to the police. She absolutely deserves justice and hotel security should be in trouble.”

Meanwhile, less than two days after the video surfaced, Diddy, who had previously denied allegations of abuse by Cassie and others, apologized.

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Sean Diddy Coms Cassie Breaks Silence, Releases Attack Video
Source: MEGA

Diddy initially denied Cassie’s abuse claims until he was caught on video.

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“I was disgusted when I did it then, and I’m still disgusted by it now. I sought professional help, went to therapy, went to rehab,” he said. “I’m very sorry.”

And he should be, say showbiz insiders, who believe Diddy’s chicken is done and his career is over.



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The shocking images shows Cassie with two bags running down the hotel hallway towards the elevators. Suddenly, Diddy, wearing only a towel around his waist, runs around the corner, grabs her from behind by her hoodie and slams her to the ground.

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He holds his towel with one hand and kicks her as she lies motionless. He grabs her designer bags, stands over her, kicks her again, then grabs her by the hoodie and starts dragging her away.

Combs and Cassie had a ten-year relationship that began in 2006, when she was a struggling 19-year-old singer and he was a 37-year-old bigwig in the music world.

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Sean Diddy combs the behind-the-scenes behavior of friends and staff of bad boy artists
Source: MEGA

It is being reported that Diddy could be facing a possible federal grand jury indictment.

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Last year she hit him with one $30 million lawsuit alleges several sexual abuses, including forcing her to have sex with male prostitutes. He denied her allegations but settled the case before trial.

In March, federal agents investigating sex trafficking claims against Combs raided his homes in Miami and LA. Earlier this week it was reported that he could be facing a possible indictment by the federal grand juryas sources say CNN investigators are “contacting people they found on the tapes” — including a male sex worker who claimed he was victimized by the rapper.