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Yeehaw! Summer’s Latest Chop is The Cowgirl Bob



2024 is definitely the year of the bob. And while earlier this year we longed for something more structured and French, summer is the time for a looser, more casual interpretation. His name? The ‘cowgirl bob’ mimics the casual ease of the rustic cowboy aesthetic. Here’s everything you need to know to make this new cut your own.

What is the “cowgirl bob”?

In terms of appearance, the “cowgirl bob” is inspired by the free and slightly fierce spirit of the Wild West. This translates into tapered locks and wispy curtain bangs, which add movement and volume to the face. Raw and deliberately imperfect, the cowgirl bob cut is ultimately ideal for summer with its causal cool-girl style.

How do you get the “cowgirl bob”?

The “cowgirl bob” is based on a classic bob cut, where you sacrifice your length… For the better, because a clear neck can prove to be a real asset in the summer heat. The base of the style remains straight, with light layering at the bottom of the ends to lighten the cut. Add long curtain bangs and you’ve perfected the look.

Some inspiration for Cowgirl Bob:

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