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Bill Maher warns Democrats against using identity politics: ‘It doesn’t work’




Bill Maher warns Democrats against using identity politics: 'It doesn't work'

Screenshot/Bill Maher

HBO host and comedian Bill Maher said the Democratic party’s continued racist “pandering” isn’t working.

In his latest episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he told them that harping on identity politics was outdated and simply ineffective.

To say the least.

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‘Outdated racial permissiveness is one reason Democrats lose elections’

Bill Maher made his comments at the end of his show on Friday evening.

“I care who wins the next election. And outdated racist pandering is one of the reasons Democrats lose elections,” Maher said.

“When Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi put on Kente clothes, I don’t think it got them one vote because of their powerful emotional ties to Ghana,” the comedian jokes, referring to white Democratic members of Congress who dressed in African garb during the George Floyd show. protests.

Maher continued:

“Here in California we now separate kidnappings. Really,” Maher said. “California doesn’t just have AMBER alerts for missing children. We have “Ebony Warnings” for Black children and “Feather” warnings for Native American children. What is that, you look for them by listening on the ground?

Maher warned that “far-left liberals are living in an old paradigm. Americans no longer fit into neat boxes.”

The HBO host mentioned black artists’ recent achievements in country music, historically a white-dominated field, specifically Beyoncé’s country song and Lil Nas X’s Country Music Award.

“It doesn’t work for them or for us,” Maher said. “Democrats are hemorrhaging the very voters they think are succumbing to them.”

Maher added that old political and social lines simply don’t hold anymore, saying, “Two-thirds of Republican voters support the legalization of marijuana. And 41% of Democrats own or live with someone who owns a gun. Ms. Marvel is Pakistani and the winner of the last two NBA dunk contests is white.”

“The new Captain America is black and Spider-Man is black and Puerto Rican, just like AI George Washington,” Maher joked.

He joked about recent AI-generated images of America’s first president similar to this one.

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Bill Maher: ‘Our black president was half white and our black vice president is half Asian’

Just when viewers thought Maher was done making his point, he took it to the next level.

“Latinos make up half of the Border Patrol and the name of the coolest black guy in the world is Lenny Kravitz. RuPaul has a ranch in Wyoming that is doing fracking,” Maher continued.

“Somehow the leader of The Village People was honest…The leader of the Proud Boys is not an old white man. It’s Enrique Tarrio, an Afro-Cuban… Caitlyn Jenner is a pro-Trump trans woman who supports a ban on trans athletes competing in women’s sports… Our black president was half white and our black vice president is half Asian. ‘

Maher listed endless examples in American culture where the kind of identity politics Democrats are focusing on shows how out of touch that party is with current reality.

Maher ended by saying, “My point is, look, you’re still building your politics around dividing people into these fixed categories.”

“The Democrats need to get the memo,” he concluded.

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