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Black Chicago woman urges Trump to hold rally there and says City would give him a ‘hero’s welcome’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert




Black Chicago woman urges Trump to hold rally there and says City would give him a 'hero's welcome' (VIDEO) |  The Gateway expert

A black woman from Chicago named P-Rae Easely appeared on FOX News today and urged Donald Trump to hold a rally there, suggesting that it would be a lot like the Bronx rally and that people in the city would come out would come to give him a hero’s welcome. .

Anyone who has been following the news knows that many black Chicagoans are outraged by the city’s handling of illegal immigrants, who have largely been thrust into black neighborhoods.

This woman is absolutely right. Trump should go to the heart of the Windy City and speak directly to the people.

Here is a partial transcription:

Kayleigh McEnany: You said Trump will be greeted like a king in Chicago. Tell me about Trump’s reception when he comes.

P-Rae Easely: Absolutely, we’re going to show him a lot of hospitality. He is the only person who ever tried to save us from this liberal failure and chaos that is affecting every facet of our lives, and we give him a hero’s welcome and we can’t wait for him to get here. Everyone says, if Trump comes, we’ll go out and make sure he knows we support him.

McEnany then plays a clip of Biden’s hateful, divisive speech last week at Morehouse College and compares it to Trump’s unifying message in the Bronx. Easely responds by suggesting that Joe Biden is the last living Dixiecrat and that his message has always been one of the most important. division. She even calls him Jim Crow Joe.

Easely then talks about the city’s anger over the special treatment of illegal immigrants as a driving force behind support for Trump.

Watch the whole thing below:

Trump should definitely go to Chicago. The Democrats would go crazy if they saw how much support he would get there.