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‘Bluey’ special ‘The Sign’ draws 10.4 million views on Disney+




'Bluey' special 'The Sign' draws 10.4 million views on Disney+

Disney+ will hardly be feeling down after watching viewers tune in for the “Bluey” special episode “The Sign.”

According to the Mouse House, the special was viewed 10.4 million times worldwide in its first seven days of availability. It first became available on Disney+ on April 14, with view defined as total streaming time divided by runtime. It is also the most-watched Disney Junior episode premiere and the biggest “Bluey” episode premiere ever on Disney+.

“Bluey” has proven to be a big hit on streaming, with the show ranking as the second most streamed show of 2023 according to the Nielsen rankings, with 43.9 billion minutes watched. More than 150 episodes have been made to date, although each episode is typically less than 10 minutes long, further confirming how popular the show is. By comparison, ‘The Sign’ lasted 28 minutes.

The viewer news also comes after Disney announced that a special surprise episode of the show would debut on April 21 on Disney+, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. There are currently no ratings available for that episode.

Created by Joe Brumm, “Bluey” centers on a family of dogs called the Heelers (who also happen to be Blue Heelers). Bluey lives with her sister Bingo, her mother Chilli and her father Bandit in Brisbane, Australia. Together, the Heeler family spends most episodes tackling life’s simple challenges (cleaning up the yard, a garbage day, or just trying to get out the door). But even the simplest tasks are made uniquely adorable by the cast of puppy friends (all with wonderful dog names like Socks, Muffin, Stripe or Frisky).