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Cause of death revealed for son of left-wing former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki | The Gateway expert




Cause of death revealed for son of left-wing former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki |  The Gateway expert
former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki with her son Marco Troper (Facebook)

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Marco Troper, the 19-year-old son of left-wing former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, was found dead at the University of California, Berkeley, in February. Now, an autopsy report has finally revealed his cause of death.

The San Francisco Gate received the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office coroner’s report, which stated that Troper died of an “accidental” drug overdose in his dorm. The teen had a wide range of drugs in his system when he died, including alprazolam, which is often branded as Xanax, as well as cocaine, amphetamine and hydroxyzine.

The report shows the levels of alprazolam and cocaine found in his bloodstream alone were likely high enough to cause death. THC, which is present in marijuana, was also present in his system.

The newspaper notes there was speculation that Troper had ingested fentanyl, but the autopsy did not find the deadly opioid in his system.

No foul play is suspected.

TGP previously revealed that Troper was found unconscious in his dorm on the Clark Kerr Campus, a student housing complex, on February 13 around 4:23 PM local time. Despite quick lifesaving efforts by the Berkeley Fire Department, Troper was pronounced dead on February 13. the place.

His grandmother, Esther Wojcicki, said at the time that the family feared he had started using drugs in college speculated to the San Francisco Gate that caused his death.

“He took some medicine and we don’t know what was in it,” she said. “We do know one thing: it was a drug.”

Troper was the son of Susan Wojcicki and technical director Dennis Troper. Ms. Wojcicki was CEO of YouTube from 2014 to 2023 and a big Hillary Clinton supporter.

She resigned the day after Republicans in the House of Representatives issued subpoenas for Big Tech CEOs at Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft. Wojcicki was not on the list of CEOs summoned, despite YouTube being a subsidiary of Alphabet.

Under Wojcicki’s rule, she demanded that governments censor the freedom of speech of ordinary citizens suspended President Trump from YouTube after the J6 protests.

“Our recommendations for governments that want to have more control over online speech is to pass laws that define that very clearly and distinctly so that we can implement it. There are times when we see the laws being implemented or it is suggested that they are not very clean or that we cannot interpret them properly. And we’ve also seen laws passed for the Internet, rather than for all speech. And I think that’s a dangerous area when we come in and say, ‘Oh yeah, you can say something like that for a magazine or on TV, but you can’t say that on the Internet,'” she said.