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Democrats step in to control Marjorie Taylor Greene




Democrats step in to control Marjorie Taylor Greene

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries made it clear that Democrats are intervening to control Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

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Leader Jeffries said at his weekly press conference:

From the very beginning of this Congress, Republicans in the House of Representatives have wrought chaos, dysfunction and extremism against the American people. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the star of the show. The show is called Republicans Gone Wild. It undermines the well-being of the American people and keeps us from achieving real and meaningful results on the issues that matter.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are unwilling or unable to control Marjorie Taylor Greene and the extreme MAGA Republicans. And so it will take a bipartisan vote. coalition and partnership to achieve that goal. We need more sanity in Washington, DC and less chaos. The Republicans have done nothing but cause chaos.

We are concerned with common sense.


The Democratic decision on Greene’s motion to evict has nothing to do with Mike Johnson and everything to do with controlling Marjorie Taylor Greene and ending the chaos in the House of Representatives. The Republicans can’t or won’t do anything about Greene, so the Democrats are going to handle it themselves.

Never before has a minority in the House of Representatives had so much power.

The Republicans have given up control of the House of Representatives, so Hakeem Jeffries steps in to put an end to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s starring role in the chaos of the House of Representatives.

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