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Diddy plans to ‘settle scores’ with friends who remain silent as he faces legal trouble: report




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Of Sean “Diddy” Combs facing allegations of physical violence, sexual abuse and sex traffickingthe music mogul is reportedly out for revenge.

A bombshell report claims the Bad Boy Records founder has been secretly preparing to round up the A-listers who abandoned him. has learned.

In the wake of the shocking allegations – and a raid by the Department of Homeland Security in his mansions in Los Angeles and Miami, the 54-year-old music legend was said to be simmering slowly and steadily while keeping an eye on anyone who turned their back on him.

“Diddy is preparing for a fierce legal battle to clear his name,” a music insider added. ‘Once he is vindicated, his focus will shift to settling scores those who abandoned him when he needed them most!” has reached out to Diddy’s reps for comment.

Meanwhile, the list of high-profile names Diddy will reportedly “settle scores” after his legal battle continues to grow daily.

As this outlet reported, former Bad Boy rapper Shywho is known as a political leader in Belize, recently admitted this in an interview Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jonescourt case to Diddy “reopens the wounds” for him.

Shyne claimed he was the perpetrator of a 1999 New York City shooting that left three people injured after an argument broke out between Diddy and a partygoer. While Diddy was charged with gun possession and bribery, he was ultimately acquitted.

Shyne, who has maintained his innocence, was found guilty and served time behind bars. After news of Diddy’s multiple lawsuits, shooting victim Natania Ruben released a video repeating her claim that it was Diddy who pulled the trigger.

“It opens wounds when you hear the victim say it was Diddy who shot her… and that was caused by a lawsuit from a producer [Lil Rod] which was produced on the Love Album that makes accusations,” the former rapper said in an interview with Channel 5.

Shyne added, “But it definitely reopens the wounds that I said this all along, everyone knew I was the cheater all along. But my political enemies and, you know, adversaries are trying to make me, you know. this criminal, but everyone knew I was a young child taking the blame.”