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Disturbing footage shows accused killer father forcing 6-year-old son to run on treadmill as twisted punishment for being ‘fat’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert




Disturbing footage shows accused killer father forcing 6-year-old son to run on treadmill as twisted punishment for being 'fat' (VIDEO) |  The Gateway expert

WARNING: This article contains disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

In a chilling courtroom revelation, video evidence has been presented showing Christopher Gregor, 31, accused of murder, subjecting his 6-year-old son, Corey Micciolo, to a grueling and dangerous treadmill workout as a form of punishment for the weight of child.

6-year-old Corey Micciolo

This footage took place just weeks before the boy tragically died from injuries that prosecutors say were related to ongoing abuse.

Christopher Gregor was seen in court on Tuesday, where he was charged with a life sentence if found guilty of the first-degree murder of his son in 2021. He is also charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Christopher Gregor was seen crying in the courtroom.

Hof TV revealed the gruesome details, noting that surveillance video from the gym at Gregor’s apartment complex captured the incident on March 20, 2021.

The footage showed young Corey struggling to keep up with the increasing speed of the treadmill, tripping and falling several times. Gregor seemed ruthless and even resorted to roughly grabbing the child and at one point biting his head.

WATCH: (Warning: Disturbing Video)

Here is the video of Bre Micciolo, the boy’s mother, in tears as she watched the gruesome footage:

On April 2, Gregor took Corey to the hospital, claiming that the boy had woken up from a nap in a disoriented state, with symptoms including stumbling, slurred speech, nausea and difficulty breathing. After a CT scan was performed at the hospital, Corey suffered seizures and died despite attempts to save him.

The autopsy, performed by Dr. Dante Ragusa on April 3, revealed blunt force injuries including heart and liver contusions, along with acute inflammation and sepsis. Initially, the manner of death was listed as “undetermined.”

Months later, an investigation by consulting forensic pathologist Dr. Thomas Andrew to classify the death as a homicide. The findings of Dr. Andrew suggested that the child had been chronically abused and suffered acute traumatic injuries to his heart and other organs hours before his death.

Gregor was initially arrested for the treadmill incident on July 7, but was released due to New Jersey’s Bail Reform policy. He was arrested again on March 9, 2022 for the murder of his son.

Gregor is charged separately for the two incidents. The treadmill episode led to a charge of child endangerment, while Corey’s death from blunt force trauma led to Gregor being charged with causing serious bodily injury that led to the child’s death.

The defense has introduced a different narrative, with their own consultant forensic pathologist deeming Corey’s death ‘natural’ and attributing it to ‘complications from pneumonia’. Attorney Mario Gallucci shared this statement with Hof TV.

Bre Micciolo was the first witness to take the stand during the child custody murder trial.


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