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Elon Musk warns America is ‘doomed’ unless there is a red wave in this election




Elon Musk warns America is 'doomed' unless there is a red wave in this election

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Elon Musk’s red pill transformation is almost complete.

Musk, the CEO of

“There is either a red wave in November or America is doomed,” Musk wrote. “Imagine this getting worse for another four years.”

Conservatives have suggested that this presidential election is crucial, with President Biden actively facilitating a foreign invasion at the border.

Furthermore, they believe that the continued collapse of the economy is another important reason for the average American to view this election as crucial.

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Elon Musk: America desperately needs a red wave

Musk responded to a video posted on social media showing a New York City resident addressing the illegal immigrant crisis.

The woman fumes that some illegal aliens would urinate on her door.

“I could tell it was the gang lords,” she tells a reporter on the street. “I mean, they’re tattooed from head to toe.”

“There is no law against illegal immigrants committing crimes,” the woman continues. “So again, it’s lawlessness. Non-payment of taxes. Transfer all our money to their native country.”

“And it’s just killing our economy.”

Not just killing the economy

It kills more than just the economy. It’s literally killing Americans.

Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student at the University of Georgia, was tragically murdered by Jose Ibarra while jogging on campus. Ibarra is an illegal immigrant who was arrested in 2022 for illegally crossing the border at El Paso, Texas. Details of the murder are gruesome.

Biden apologized to the killer for identifying him as “illegal.”

12-year-old Travis Wolfe recently lost his life after being taken off life support, which he had been on since December 20, when his family’s car was struck head-on by someone driving in the wrong lane.

The Political Insider reported on ICE Boston agents arresting a 34-year-old Guatemalan illegal immigrant who was recently convicted of assault and battery on a child under the age of 14. He had been released earlier despite having an immigration officer against him.

In addition, authorities in Maryland just arrested an illegal migrant from El Salvador and charged him with murder in the case of a two-year-old child who was shot this month while walking in the park with his mother.

Just to name a few in a very short period of time.

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Sounding the alarm again and again

X CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly sounded the alarm regarding the 2024 presidential and congressional elections. He has insisted that if Democrats win in 2024, they will try to use illegal immigrants to create a permanent ruling party.

Moreover, he believes this would be a dangerous and unprecedented step that could undermine the foundations of American democracy.

“The increase in illegal aliens increases the Dems’ voting power, causing them to recruit even more!” he said in previous posts on X.

“If the Democrats win the President, the House of Representatives and the Senate (with enough seats to overcome the filibuster),” he warned, “they will grant citizenship to all illegals (and) America will become a permanent deep socialist one-party state .”

Worried about the elections

Musk clearly warns that America could be irrevocably destroyed under the Democratic Party. But he is also undoubtedly concerned about election integrity itself.

Additionally, last January he lamented the lack of voter ID laws in several states. Musk suggested that stricter laws should be introduced to prevent potential voter fraud.

“In the US, you don’t need a government-issued ID to vote and you can mail in your ballot,” he said. “This is insane.”

Musk called on all fifty states to implement voter identification requirements for the upcoming 2024 elections.

Warning of illegal immigration. Raising concerns about voter fraud. Musk is getting closer to becoming a full-fledged conservative.

Elon Musk also supported a red wave in 2022, something that did not materialize.

He called himself a lifelong Democratic voter until the spring of that year. However, he then voted for Mayra Flores, a Mexican-born Republican former congresswoman in Texas.

“I voted for Mayra Flores – the first time I’ve ever voted Republican,” he proudly declared. “Huge red wave in 2022.”

If America doesn’t experience a red wave this election, as Musk predicts, it could very well be “doomed.”

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