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Eric Trump melts down over his father’s hush money case on Fox News




Eric Trump talks about the hush money trial on Fox News.

Eric Trump went on Fox News and appeared to be in a panic as he tried to spread excuses and conspiracy theories to dismiss his father’s hush money lawsuit.

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Eric Trump, when asked by Fox’s Maria Bartiromo about the trial, said:

My father feels great. His poll numbers are through the roof. You see him beating Biden in every swing state. The love out there is incredible – the love out there is incredible. You saw it with African American voters, you see it with youth voters, which was typically, obviously, a Democratic segment. And they all come to my father. My father feels great. If you play that video of Biden saying four more years/pause, that’s exactly why they’re trying to tie my dad up in a courtroom every day between now and then. They know this man doesn’t stand a chance. Nobody believes him. The world, Maria, is ashamed of this man, and what do they do?

They use legal legislation. It was recently revealed that Biden was in charge of the FBI raid on my father’s house. Obviously, Bragg is a Soros-paid, you know, prosecutor. No different than Fani. They want to torture me

father, but no one believes it. Right now, Maria, New York is falling, or is it? Then you have homelessness
through the roof, women are pushed in front of trains and police officers are murdered in their police cars. You’ve got little kids getting shot in Times Square, and they’re going after a guy for a $130,000 payout? Every day they close a courtroom, you know, they close the streets around the courthouse, it costs twenty times as much. Every time they took out the FDR drive it cost fifty times as much. Nobody believes it. All the while, you can’t go into Duane Reade in New York, nor can you go to CVS to buy skin lotion because it has to be locked behind plexiglass because the theft is so high. And the entire focus of the DA is on Donald Trump? Give me a break. The Cup doesn’t believe it – the country doesn’t believe it, but this man isn’t going to make it.


Eric Trump spewed a crazy word salad of panic and fear. The hush money lawsuit is definitely not going well for Donald Trump. Eric Trump’s great examples of the world falling apart, with women being pushed in front of the train and unable to buy skin lotion.

There was a lot of wishful thinking on Eric Trump’s part that Biden would somehow fall apart, but underneath all the panicked claims that everything is fine are excuses in case Donald Trump loses the election. The Trumps are going to claim they lost because the criminal trials were all a conspiracy against their dear old dad.

Eric Trump has also never said why his father is on trial.

No matter how they try to cover it up, there is obvious panic within the Trump family over the election interference/hush money lawsuit.

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