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Face The Nation took Kristi Noem to the gravel pit and ended her career




Gov. Kristi Noem on Face The Nation.

Face The Nation’s Margret Brennan took apart Kristi Noem and ended any chance of a national political career.

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Face The Nation’s Margaret Brennan made Noem clearly admit that she never met Kim Jong-Un, even though she alluded to meeting him several times in her book:

Brennan also asked Noem directly if she wanted to sound tough and celebrate the murder of a puppy and a goat she shot:

The interview was a classic train wreck and it ended with Noem claiming that a book in which she has to make multiple corrections is full of true stories:

OVERNOR KRISTI NOEM: And I’m so proud of this book and – and what it will bring to people. I hope they will buy it. They will find many true stories.


GOVERNOR KRISTI NOEM: And we talk a lot about what we can use as an example of Donald Trump about how he has remained a real person and been sincere and honest with people, and that what bothers me most about politicians is when they’re fake are.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But if you have to withdraw it or parts of it…

Governor KRISTI NOEM: I don’t – I don’t withdraw anything.


Governor KRISTI NOEM: I’m not withdrawing anything.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay. Okay, Governor…

Governor KRISTI NOEM: No, absolutely. This book…

MARGARET BRENNAN: … thank you for asking the questions and joining us today.

Watch the entire interview:

Noem spent much of the interview complaining that Brennan used her own words and quotes in her questions. Noem continually complained that the interview was unfair because she was asked to explain her own stories in the book she had written in her name.

Kristi Noem still thinks she could be Trump’s running mate, but she couldn’t even defend her own words. If Kristi Noem thinks America will accept her and allow her anywhere near the White House, she is as much delusional as she is potentially psychopathic.

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