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Former GOP lieutenant governor of Georgia explains why he’s voting for Biden




Geoff Duncan calls Trump the worst candidate in the history of the Republican Party.

Former Georgia lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan said he disagrees with Biden on policy but is voting for the president because he is decent.

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In one piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Duncan suggested that Republicans vote for a Republican Congress and a Democratic president to provide checks and balances to the government. Duncan also pointed out that the polls show Trump could win the election.

The former lieutenant governor made a strong moral argument for why Republicans should vote for Joe Biden:

Healing the Republican Party cannot begin with Trump as president (and that’s without mentioning the untold damage our country may face). A forthcoming Time magazine cover story outlines in stark terms “the contours of an imperial presidency that would reshape America and its role in the world.”

Unlike Trump, I have belonged to the Republican Party my entire life. This November, I will vote for a decent person with whom I disagree on policy regarding a criminal defendant with no moral compass.

Duncan was right. The Republican Party will never recover until it puts Trump aside and returns from a cult of personality to its conservative, pro-American roots.

Democrats may not agree with much of what Duncan says, but his vote for Biden shows that there are more important issues than party politics. Protecting American democracy requires that many people who may disagree on policy come together to save the country by electing a decent person who will protect the country’s values ​​and political system.

After Trump is dealt with, we can debate the issues again, but the most important issue in the 2024 election is whether we will vote for decency or for a potential convicted felon who dreams of becoming a dictator.

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