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Former Trump lawyer expects ex-president to be found guilty




Former Trump lawyer expects ex-president to be found guilty

Former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb explained why he expects the jury in Manhattan to find Trump guilty possibly on Friday.

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Cobb was quoted as saying:

If the jury gets the case Tuesday afternoon, the verdict could take some time given the number of charges and the three different paths available to jurors. However, the paper trail and physical evidence against Trump are so strong that given, as Cobb noted, the jury instructions, a guilty verdict seems to be the path this case appears to be taking.

Juries can go in any number of directions, and no one outside of the jurors themselves knows what they’re thinking, but you don’t have to read much between the lines to understand that Trump and his supporters have prepared his fans and have tried to prepare their fans. -expressing a guilty verdict in the media for weeks.

It’s worth reiterating that anything can happen once a jury gets a case. History is full of high-profile trials involving rich and powerful people, in which the jury returns an unexpected verdict. However, the general consensus among legal experts like Cobb is that they expect Trump to be convicted.

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