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‘Independent’ columnist insults Americans and Republicans with experiment by acting like a Republican for a month




'Independent' columnist insults Americans and Republicans with experiment by acting like a Republican for a month

James McNellis from Washington, DC, United States, via Wikimedia Commons

Stereotypes are difficult. Growing up, I learned to get to know people and who they are inside before making assumptions about their likes, dislikes, beliefs, and character.

At the same time, I also learned to be wary of people who dressed like criminals or acted foolishly in public, because, as the saying goes, “If you act like a clown, you attract the circus.” I am often misjudged based on my appearance and the demographics I fill out.

I’m wearing my signature mohawk, which I’ve been coloring blue lately. I am the breadwinner in our home, while my husband is the caregiver.

Many would assume that I have liberal leanings based on my appearance, age, and family dynamics. However, I am also a woman of faith; my husband homeschools our kids, we are gun owners, and we are proud veterans – clearly MAGA Republicans… right?

According to a Washington Post columnist, I fit the mold of a MAGA Republican almost perfectly.

A futile attempt

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claims to have been an independent voter for most of his life. However, for the presidential primaries in DC, he decided to register as a Republican.

He made this decision after a friend convinced him they could be a part of history, potentially securing former President Donald Trump’s first primary defeat against then-candidate Nikki Haley. His hope and that of his friends was that:

“As Republicans head to the polls in 15 states in the Super Tuesday primaries, I can only hope that the timeless political maxim holds true: as the District of Columbia, so too the nation.”

Rather predictably, Milbank’s hopes were destined to be scattered by the winds of political inevitability when the former president won Super Tuesday minus Vermont. As DC goes, so goes Vermont… and that includes Nikki Haley, who ultimately suspended her campaign after her unsurprising loss.

Mr. Milbank’s attempt to help turn the tide for Nikki Haley was not his only goal; he decided to take the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a Republican. His experiment, or perhaps more accurately, charade, did not reveal the reality of Republican life but instead illustrated the appeal of a candidate like Donald Trump.

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They hate you

In his opinion column for the Washington Post titled My month of living Republican, Dana Milbank attempts to comically explore the stereotypical lifestyle of what many call MAGA Republicans. As he put it in his column:

“…if I wanted to register as a Republican, it was only right that I start acting Republican.”

It would have been sufficient if Mr. Milbank had merely been a Republican. Yet most Haley supporters aren’t, so why should he be any different?

He further claims:

“I ate like a Republican, slept like a Republican, shopped like a Republican. I watched TV like a Republican and spent my free time like a Republican.”

These alleged Republican activities include:

  • Rooting against the Kansas City Chiefs (huh?)
  • Eating at Chik-fil-A
  • Buy a MyPillow
  • Driving a gas-powered vehicle
  • Attending a gun show
  • Shopping at Hobbylobby
  • Go to the Bible Museum
  • Watching NASCAR

Meanwhile, Mr. Milbank pokes fun at Americans who are pro-life, exercise their Second Amendment rights, believe in God and enjoy outdoor activities. It’s dripping with clumsy attempts at humor that consistently betray Milbank’s elitist core.

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I don’t eat at Chik-fil-A because of the company’s political and religious views. I eat there, like millions of Americans, because they have a superior spicy chicken sandwich, and the customer service is always excellent.

I shop at Hobby Lobby because they have a better selection than their competitors. And while I’d rather watch paint dry than see NASCAR on television, attending a race in person is an exhilarating experience.

Were sick

I wouldn’t consider myself a MAGA Republican or even a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Early in the Republican primaries, I was very interested in Governor Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy and Governor Doug Burgum.

What I’m saying is that I understand why so many Republicans are fervent supporters of Donald Trump. If the rest of the country, including some of your “fellow” Republicans, despise you so much, why not support the one candidate who doesn’t care how you dress, where you eat, or how you shop?

Mr Milbank writes:

“DC Republicans are a wealthy and well-educated group, and when I showed up to cast my vote in the primary, I was the only person on site wearing camouflage.”

That sentence alone explains why it was comical that Ms. Haley won the swamp and why Mr. Trump’s failure to win DC was an overall victory. After Mr. Milbank cast his vote, he discovered that Nikki Haley would be addressing voters.

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He said as he stood among DC Republicans listening to Nikki’s speech:

“The DC Republicans in that room were, in a real sense, my fellow partisans. They are among the roughly 30 percent of Republican voters who want to cure the party of its MAGA disease.”

Characterizing voters who believe in God and the rest of the millions of Donald Trump supporters as “sick” is exactly why Donald Trump is where he is.

The truth

Mr. Milbank ended his column with his response to Nikki’s statement:

“Can you imagine a country where we can strongly disagree and not hate each other for it? That is where we want to go.”

Mr. Milbank wrote with an almost audible sigh in his tone:

“That’s exactly where I want to go.”

No, that’s not it. And he just proved it in the same column.

His column ridiculing millions of his countrymen is evidence of elite hatred towards them.

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