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Kevin McCarthy implodes spectacularly on Fox News




Kevin McCarthy was interviewed on Fox News's Media Buzz.

Kevin McCarthy is trying to rehabilitate his image, but his lies were so outrageous that even Fox News corrected him.

McCarthy tried to argue that Donald Trump is having his own trial: “Consider this their first trial
witness has already proven to be a liar. Cohen, the lawyer, we’ll see what happens when he testifies. Everyone knows it, but it goes back to one question: Does anyone in America believe that President Trump would be holding this trial now if he were not running for president? That is problem number one.”

McCarthy’s video:

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The Manhattan investigation dates back to when Trump was still in the White House, so these criminal charges have nothing to do with his current presidential campaign.

The former speaker was only just warming up as he also claimed that Hillary Clinton never conceded the 2016 election.

McCarthy said, “These people are talking about a danger to democracy. These are the dangers of trying to deny this country democracy. It really concerns me what the Biden and the Democrats have done. Did Hillary ever say she lost the 2016 election?”

Howard Kurtz corrected McCarthy: “Yes, she called Donald Trump and conceded.”

McCarthy replied: Yes, but she never says it in the press.

She actually said it in the press. She gave a concession speech to the whole world:

Why is Kevin McCarthy trying to rehabilitate his image?

Kevin McCarthy is trying to rehabilitate his image as he is reportedly on the shortlist to become Trump’s chief of staff when he returns to the White House. During the Fox News interview, McCarthy demonstrated his continued willingness to lie about anything and everything, but some of the lies were so obvious that even Fox News couldn’t let them go unchallenged.

If this is the way Kevin McCarthy’s comeback goes, it will fail massively.

Even Fox News won’t quite buy what McCarthy is selling.

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