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Lagos Celebrity Fashion: Best Dressed Fashionistas




Tyle speaks one language: a fusion of effort and skill. Without the latter, the former falters, rendering one’s efforts futile. With this truth in mind, it is clear that Lagos fashionistas embody the essence of authentic style. At every occasion they grace, precision becomes their hallmark as they effortlessly showcase their flair. Whether it’s a breezy maxi dress or a smart suit, these style stars know exactly how to create a fit, perfectly tailored to the event at hand.

Lagos celebrities also understand the craft of playing with shades. While some went full code red last week, others opted for calmer shades with a personal style in mind. No wonder the city is the center of excellence. From fashion to commerce, the best often comes from this headquarters of tenacity and attention to detail.

Check out the latest fashion looks from Lagos celebrities who have made a splash…

#1. Tiwa wanted

Photo: @shapeservices/Instagram

Queen T brought out the WAG aesthetic in an oversized blazer and baseball hat for her Water and Garri press tour. Underneath the jacket she revealed a sleeveless mini dress that hugged her body and contrasted the effect of the blazer. For uniformity, white pumps have given the look a coordinated finish. As simple as this seems, it scored an A for execution.

#2. Linda Ikeji

Photo: @lindaikeji/Instagram

These days, ripped streetwear pieces rule the roost Thou and Balenciaga. Think a ripped sweater dress styled with tights or a denim-on-denim coordination. Media mogul Linda Ikeji took on a fast-paced London vibe as she walked out into the lights of the city. She paired a little distressed sweater dress with a white collared shirt, sheer tights and white pumps. The look is a spicy end to a night out for a city girl.

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#3. Osas Ighodaro

Photo: @osasighodaro/Instagram

Nollywood actress, Osas Ighodaro was a sight to behold at the Time 100 gala. She stepped out elegantly dressed in a beautiful Dorhann outfit. The train showed off multiple ruffles, matching the texture of the sleeves. The monochrome look was a clash of textures, which cumulatively enhanced her look rizz and beauty. The color combination – blue and silver – was the icing on the cake.

#4. Tacha

Photo: @medlinboss/Instagram

RED-y or not, Tacha will always be right. Bold views often favor the bold ex-BBNaija housemate’s personality. Combining business and pleasure in a Medlin Couture suit, the reality star turned heads. Featuring a cropped jacket with shoulder pads and a pleated miniskirt, the offering was polished with a dose of sass on the side. She paired this with embellished red pumps and a gold clutch, rallying in solidarity to show how it’s done. As extensive as celebrity fashion can be in Lagos, it is common knowledge that you dress for the occasion.

#5. Powede Awujo

Photo: @powedeawujo/Instagram

Lately, the all-over print craze has been diluted by minimalism firmly at the helm of style affairs. But as with any persistent trend, they are picking up the baton, picking up the baton and focusing ferociously on the front lines. Style Influencer, Powede Awujo opted for comfortable fashion in a colorful, printed two-piece from Nigerian designer Wanni Fuga. Building on the tint splashes, she used a mini orange Marté Egele sachet in the mix. For that lavish aunt-themed weekend party, a stylish and comfortable set understands the brief.

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#6. Lilian Afegbai

Photo: @lilianafegbai/Instagram

Akanchawa Baddie, as she calls herself, played with related colors on the palette and ate. She wore a fitted two-tone midi dress by Leila Gaby with a matching handbag. Her hair was done to perfection, her hair was laid to perfection, her face was minimalist and her accessories were understated. Everything came together for a stylish outfit that can be replicated for the office or for a seminar.

#7. Stephanie Coker

Photo: @stephaniecoker/Instagram

Be like Stephanie Cokerand add a sleek maxi dress to your collection. They come in handy even in the most unlikely moments. Styling these dresses can be easy if you know your onions. Just let the prints do the talking or choose one with a striking detail. Perhaps a mesh or silk texture, an interesting print, or consider a draped dress that flatters the frame.

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