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Marco Rubio Humiliates NBC’s Kristen Welker After Leftist Gotcha Questions About Election Integrity (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert




Marco Rubio Humiliates NBC's Kristen Welker After Leftist Gotcha Questions About Election Integrity (VIDEO) |  The Gateway expert
Credit: @CitizenFreePres

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has come a long way since 2016, when he was destroyed in a critical debate by morbidly obese RINO Chris Christie and labeled “Little Marco” by then-candidate Donald Trump.

During a Sunday appearance on “Meet the Press” with left-wing host Kristen Welker, Rubio discussed illegal immigration, abortion and the 2024 election. Things got particularly heated when the discussion turned to election integrity.

Welker thought she could embarrass the Florida senator with a few questions. She started by trying to get him to commit to accepting the 2024 election results no matter what.

Rubio promptly responded that Welker’s question was stupid and pointed out that it could be an unfair election. After Welker rudely interrupted her guest, Rubio pointed out that Democrats, including Crooked Hillary Clinton, have made a habit of rejecting the election results.

Welker then felt the need to defend Hillary’s “honor” and falsely claimed that Bill’s disgraced wife accepted Trump’s historic victory. That’s when things went wrong for Welker.

Rubio responded promptly by humiliating Welker with simple facts. He pointed out that not only did Hillary claim Trump’s victory was illegitimate, but Democrats spent years making outlandish claims about election fraud after they were beaten.

The senator went on to say that many Democrats today plan to prevent Trump from certifying an election victory by falsely claiming he is an insurrectionist.

“Have you ever asked Democrats this question on your show?” Rubio wondered.


Undeterred, Welker tried to trip Rubio again by telling him he had declared Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory a “win.”

“So by your own definition, Donald Trump’s claims (of election fraud) undermine the election results?” Welker asked.

This gotcha question didn’t work either. Rubio turned the tables again by pointing out some of the ways Democrats and the corporate media manipulated the 2020 election.

“What undermines people’s confidence in elections is when you have places like Wisconsin where you had over 500 illegal mailbox locations,” Rubio responded. “(And) where you have places like Georgia where liberal groups are handing out $10 (to vote Democrat).”

Welker tried to interrupt Rubio’s truth inferno, but he blew right past her.

“Listen, what undermines the election is when NBC News and all the other major news outlets censored the Biden laptop story in 2020, which turned out to be true, and not Russian disinformation,” he continued. “You couldn’t even talk about it on social media or people would remove you from the platform.”

“People are watching this. People are looking at what happened in Arizona when 200,000 ballots didn’t match. People lose their confidence.”

When Welker finally got word, she couldn’t deny the irreversible facts Rubio unleashed. Her only move was to lie to her audience by saying that “nothing is censored” on NBC and by harping on Rubio’s vote.

Too many Republicans accept the corporate media’s narrative on a given issue and are forced to defend themselves in order to appear sympathetic. Whether Rubio ultimately becomes Trump’s running mate or not, having a sidekick with a knack for frustrating the left is a crucial skill that can help make a difference on the campaign trail and in a VP debate.