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Marco Rubio melts down as his election lies are debunked during a meeting with the press




Kristen Welker interviews Marco Rubio on Meet The Press.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) refused to commit to accepting the 2024 election results, then collapsed when NBC’s Kristen Welker debunked his election lies.

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Welker asked Rubio if he would accept the election results no matter what happened.

Rubio said, “No matter what. No, if it’s an unfair election, I think so
be disputed by one side or the other. It doesn’t matter who wins.”

Senator Rubio then said, “I think you’re asking the wrong person. The Democrats are the ones who have opposed every Republican victory since 2000, every single victory. It is Hillary Clinton who refused to concede.”

Welker corrected him: “Hillary Clinton conceded. Senator, do you accept the election?”

Rubio then unleashed a barrage of lies: “Hillary Clinton said the election was stolen from her and that Trump was illegitimate. Kamala Harris agreed when she was a Democratic senator.”

What fact checked him again. “She conceded the election. She said that, she said that, no, she said Trump was illegitimate. She said the election was stolen. Kamala Harris, by the way, agreed. There are Democrats in Congress today who voted not to certify Ohio’s electors in 2004 because they said those machines were tampered with, and you now have Democrats who say they want to be certified in 2024 because Trump is an insurrectionist and ineligible for office. So you have to ask them. I think you have a: Have you ever asked the question on your show? I bet you’ve never asked the Democrat that question.”

Welker said, “Senator, you voted to certify the 2020 election.”

Kristen Welker then played Rubio’s democracy speech on the Senate floor as he voted to certify the 2020 election for him. Rubio claimed that NBC News engaged in censorship, and that Hillary Clinton never relented. Welker concluded that part of the questioning by telling Rubio that he had voted to certify the 2020 election, Hillary Clinton admitted, and that there was no censorship.


One of the good things Kristen Welker did on Meet The Press is ask her guests if they would accept the results of the 2924 election. She does it not as a gotcha question, but as a way to inform the American people about the positions of candidates and elected officials on democracy.

Republicans don’t seem to be able to handle questions being asked about their anti-democratic positions. Rubio tried to outpace Welker with a barrage of lies, but she kept repeating the basic facts over and over again. Repeating the facts is one of the best ways to debunk lies.

Kristen Welker has taken a lot of criticism as moderator of Meet The Press, but one of the things she’s done well is consistently keeping the issue of democracy part of her questioning of guests.

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