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Republicans are attacking Biden for speaking about his dead son on Memorial Day




President Biden speaks on Memorial Day 2024.

Republicans attacked President Biden for mentioning his late son Beau on Memorial Day.

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Video of Biden:

President Biden said in part, “Our losses are not the same: he was not killed on the battlefield, he was a victim of cancer as a result of spending a year in the military in Iraq next to a fire pit. A major in the US Army National Guard who, like so many others, lives and works next to that toxic incinerator. And as it is for so many of you, the pain of his loss is with me every day, as it is with you, still sharp, still clear. But so is the pride I feel in his service, as if I can still hear him saying, “It’s my duty, Dad, it’s my duty.” Duty – that was the code. my son lived by the credo that you all live by.”

Republicans attacked the president for speaking about his late son, who was a veteran:

Biden’s son was a veteran. There is a suspected link between cancer and burns. The first cancer on VA’s presumptive list is brain cancer. that was what killed Beau Biden.

Republicans are so full of misplaced hatred that on Memorial Day they attacked the President of the United States for daring to publicly commemorate his own son who served. As the President said, Beau did not lose his life while serving, but in my opinion that does not mean we cannot pay tribute and remember all those the nation has lost who are no longer with us.

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