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Socialist Chicago City Council member calls idea of ​​punishing criminals ‘racist’ and calls America a ‘garbage society’ | The Gateway expert



Socialist Chicago City Council member calls idea of ​​punishing criminals 'racist' and calls America a 'garbage society' |  The Gateway expert

Rossana Rodriguez, a self-described socialist who serves on the Chicago City Council, believes the idea of ​​punishing criminals is racist.

What does she think should happen to rapists and murderers? Summer camp?

When you look at the breakdown of law and order in cities across the United States, remember that the chaos is caused by these types of people. They are the problem.

Fox news reports:

Chicago Socialist Councilman Says It’s ‘Racist’ to Punish Criminals, America Is a ‘Garbage Society’

A socialist member of the Chicago City Council believes the idea of ​​using police to ensure safe streets and punish criminals is “racist,” calling America a “garbage society.”

Rossana Rodriguez is a Chicago City Councilwoman who supports defunding the police and caucuses with the Democratic Socialists. The councilor, who explicitly advocates teaching “critical race theory” to children, is also involved in the council’s Education and Child Development committee.

The councilor repeatedly criticizes American society in her frequent rants on social media.

According to the council member, America is “a crap society” and “a white supremacist society and system” that “privileges white people.” Rodriguez believes that “white people are ahead” compared to minority groups…

“When we say #DefundThePolice, we mean developing alternatives to racist punishment and brutality. This work has been around for a while and it is a great tool to rethink our ideas about what public safety should look like,” Rodrigues said in response to a post about “the abolition of the police” in 2020.

Rodriguez is pictured here wearing a shirt that reads “eat the rich.”

She seems charming, doesn’t she?

Can Chicago just start sending all the criminals to her house?