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Sunny Hostin fears Trump supporters may ‘lie’ to get a jury spot




Sunny Hostin fears Trump supporters may 'lie' to get a jury spot
Source: MEGA

The View panelist Sunny Hostin worries that a Donald Trump supporter could sneak into the jury in his hush money trial and derail the case, she said Tuesday.

April 16, 2024, published at 6:45 PM ET

The view panelist Sunny Hostin is concerned that a Donald Trump supporter could sneak into the jury in his hush money trial and derail the case, has learned.

Jury selection continued on day two of the historic trial in Manhattan, as judge Juan Merchan has narrowed the potential pool.

Hostin, a former prosecutor, said on the morning talk show Tuesday that while she felt they could “find an impartial jury,” she feared “what could happen in a case like this” if a juror had a hidden bias. would cherish. .

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lara trump donald trump collected my first day criminal hush money trial
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Jury selection continued Tuesday in Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan.

“If you have one person who sneaks into the jury with unwanted feelings, that person can hang that jury,” Hostin said.

She also expressed doubts about whether anyone who follows Trump’s social media accounts can actually be impartial. Hostin added that she thought it was “very, very important” that the court search the social media pages of potential jurors to remove any bias.

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At the request of cohost Joy Behar how you would sneak into a jury, Hostin responded: “You’re lying. You’re saying, ‘I hate Trump. But I can be impartial.'”

Hostin noted that it would likely be impossible to find jurors who do not know the former president, but that it was important that the participants make their opinions clear.

“Fifty people said, ‘I can’t even be impartial.’ I admire them for their candor and honesty, because as a jury member you have to be honest,” she told her fellow panelists.

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Sunny Hostin Nikki Haley I have black friends who are abusive
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Hostin, an outspoken opponent of Trump, doubts that anyone who follows the former president’s social media accounts can actually be impartial.

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Hostin, an outspoken opponent of Trump, added: “They will never find someone who doesn’t know about the former, twice-impeached loser president.”

Dozens of jurors have been dismissed since jury selection began Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon six jurors had been chosen and 12 spots remained. reports this that the former president “grinned” at a potential juror before the man was dismissed for an earlier social media post celebrating a court’s decision to lift a Trump travel ban.


Sunny Hostin

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The man wrote: “Good news!! Trump lost his lawsuit over his illegal travel ban!!!,” and “Get him out and lock him up,” USA today reported. When questioned by the judge, he said he no longer believed Trump should be jailed.

At that moment, “Donald Trump craned his neck at a potential juror and flashed a grin,” according to USA Today reporter. Aysha Bagchi wrote.

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Karen Mcdougal will testify in Donald Trump's hush money trial
Source: MEGA

Dozens of jurors have been dismissed from the case so far.

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Despite the man’s apparent change of heart, the judge fired him.

“I don’t think I can let this juror stay,” the judge said.

Merchan also removed another potential juror from the pool due to their social media activities, including an AI-generated parody video featuring Trump titled “I’m dumb as f—.”

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Donald Trump attacks Joe Biden, am the truth, social attack president, hours before stormy Daniels hush money lawsuit
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Trump faces 34 felony charges for falsifying company records to pay alleged hush money to Stormy Daniels.

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One juror was allowed to go into hiding despite Trump’s legal team raising concerns about a video they described as “clearly an anti-Trump event where she is celebrating.”

Merchan ruled it was unclear whether the woman was present at the event. She also told the court that she could “be fair and impartial,” Bagchi reported.

Trump faces 34 felonies of falsifying corporate records to make alleged hush money payments to porn stars Stormy Daniels prior to his first run for president.