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Trump panics as his RFK Jr. problem worsens




RFK Jr and Donald Trump

As a new poll shows, RFK Jr. Hurting Trump in critical swing states, the ex-president is lashing out at the third-party monster he created.

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Trump posted on Truth Social:

I looked at the ratings last night for the first time in a long time that were Bill Maher’s boring interview with RFK Jr. questioned, only to find out that Junior is much MORE LIBERAL than Maher, and in fact much MORE LIBERAL than anyone running for office as a Democrat, including West and Stein. But despite this, as a Democrat he has no hope because they could use their typical fascist oppression tactics and throw him out of the party like a dog because he took the primaries away from the worst president in the history of the country. our country, Crooked Joe Biden.

So now Juniors is a so-called Independent, but he’s not, he’s a radical leftist lunatic, but he tries to do it in every way he can. He said: “No vaccine is safe and effective,” and then said: “I would never say that, I am not against vaccines!” Where did that come from? Maher defended the vaccine, which Junior actually seemed to agree with (WOW!), then told him his poll numbers had crashed. No Republican can vote for this man. MAGA2024!

Why is Trump now trying to convince the small number of people who use Truth Social not to click on RFK Jr. to vote?

The answer can be found in a new one CBS News Poll from Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania: “Most of those who chose Kennedy in a four-way vote test initially supported Trump in a two-way race with Mr. Biden, including leaners. Kennedy’s supporters are more like Republicans than Democrats on a variety of measures, including their views on the economy, immigrants and the Trump trial, as well as how they have voted recently, despite the fact that they often identify as moderates.”

Kennedy caused Trump to lose the support of what is often called the “soft MAGA” voter group. These are voters who may identify as moderates or independents, but they vote Republican.

Trump must have these voters. If he doesn’t, his chances of winning in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will drop.

RFJ JR. was an idea of ​​Trump and Steve Bannon. They thought a candidacy from RFJ Jr. would take votes away from President Biden, but the left saw through RFK Jr. and the right embraced his candidacy. In response, RFK Jr. his positions have shifted to the right and he is taking away support from Donald Trump.

Trump does not have the resources and campaign organization to mount an independent challenge and take on President Biden.

While Trump sleeps in court, his RFK Jr. problem continues to worsen, and beyond ranting about Truth Social, Trump can do little to stop it.

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