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Trump runs away when asked if he still supports Mike Johnson




Trump runs away when asked about Mike Johnson.

Maybe he was still groggy from napping all day, but Donald Trump walked away when asked if he still supports Mike Johnson.


If I’m Mike Johnson, I’m feeling pretty nervous after seeing that music video. Trump may have appeared with Johnson a week ago and said he was doing a good job, but the one thing the former president didn’t do was pick up the phone and tell Assemblywoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to withdraw from her planned motion to recuse from the election to withdraw. Johnson.

Considering that Trump is weak-minded and changes his tone based on the last person he spoke to, Speaker Johnson should not feel comfortable at this point.

The Ukraine aid bill that Trump opposes will be passed by the House of Representatives sometime on Saturday and that’s when the drama and talk about Mike Johnson’s future begins. Democrats are willing to secure enough votes to save Johnson from the motion to vacate the gavel, but the price for Johnson will likely be that he becomes a lame duck speaker. Donald Trump could have saved Johnson today with a strong endorsement, but he chose not to, and by saying nothing, Trump has sealed Johnson’s fate.

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