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Trump says he would be proud to go to prison, even as he shows he is terrified of prison




Trump says he would be proud to go to jail.

Trump claimed after court that he would be proud if he went to jail, but he was careful not to say anything that could land him in jail.

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Trump said: “The articles are incredible, and I would give you the articles, but the problem is I’m not allowed to do that because if something is said to certain people, and you know who they are, certain people, then everything is equal. As mentioned, he wants to put me in jail, and that might happen one day. I would be very proud to go to jail for our Constitution because what he is doing is so unconstitutional.”


Note that Trump said he would be proud to go to jail, but he was very careful not to say or do anything that would actually land him in jail. Always look at what Trump does, not what he says. Trump may have said he would be proud to go to prison, but his actions suggest he is utterly terrified of prison and will avoid giving Judge Merchan a reason to lock him there.

Trump is already getting excited because next week is Michael Cohen week. If Trump doesn’t lock up while Cohen testifies, it will be a minor miracle.

Next week is going to be a wild ride.

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