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Katie Britt introduces a bill to create a national registry of pregnant women




Katie Britt talks about the MOMS Act.

Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) is back on the national stage with new legislation that would create a national registry of pregnant women.

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Senate Republicans have called their bill the MOMS Act and Britt is as creepy as he is a serial killer:

What Stepford Katie doesn’t mention in the video above is what the legislation does:

  • Set up – a federal clearinghouse of resources available to expectant and postpartum mothers, as well as mothers with young children.
    • This clearinghouse would increase access to adoption agencies, pregnancy resource centers, and other relevant public and private resources available to pregnant women within their zip code and surrounding areas.
    • As part of, HHS would be required to include and maintain a national list of federal funding opportunities available to nonprofits and health care facilities for pregnancy support.
  • Improve access to pre- and postnatal resources.
    • This legislation would establish a grant program for nonprofit organizations to support, encourage, and assist women in carrying their pregnancies to term; and to care for their babies after birth.
    • It would also provide tools for prenatal and postnatal telehealth appointments by establishing a grant program to purchase necessary medical equipment and technology in rural and other medically underserved areas.
  • Requires states to apply child support obligations to the period during pregnancy, if the mother so requests.

Republicans say the government cannot have a national gun registry because that would lead to potential violations of the Second Amendment. However, it is fine for Republicans to require HHS to maintain a database and lists of pregnant women who can inquire about services.

It’s fine for the federal government to know when a woman is pregnant.

What would happen if Donald Trump became the next president and there was a national registry of pregnant women? It wouldn’t be hard to see the Trump administration turning these names over to states so they could monitor pregnancies and prosecute any woman who had an abortion.

Republicans are trying to use Katie Britt’s creepy smiling face to cover up their authoritarian rights-stealing agenda.

What used to be a conservative, limited government is increasingly becoming a conservative Big Brother.

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