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New Jersey Voters Say Trump Can Turn State Red in 2024: ‘There’s Momentum’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert




New Jersey Voters Say Trump Can Turn State Red in 2024: 'There's Momentum' (VIDEO) |  The Gateway expert

Trump has made it clear that he has a big role to play for the state of New Jersey in 2024, and he is smart to do so.

Look no further than the huge turnout for his rally in Wildwood this weekend.

FOX News recently spoke to a few voters from the state about this and they all agreed that Trump could turn New Jersey red this fall.

By Fox news:

NJ voters say Trump could turn state red despite legal challenges: ‘There is momentum’

A panel of NJ voters joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why they think the former president has a shot at securing those electoral votes in November as he campaigns between his various legal appearances.

“It has no negative impact, so it works just the opposite [direction] because they can’t believe this is happening to a civilized nation,” resident Roy Paret told co-host Todd Piro on Friday. “What happens with their process is basically what you would think would happen in communism or in a third world country, so this, I think, definitely helps.”

“If he has free time, he should of course stay local. He went to the bodegas in Harlem. He’s doing things in New York, and this I think will 100% help him in multiple states, and it’s already showing,” he continued. “And New Jersey, I agree, will turn red this time, as long as they can follow up on the integrity of the voters [and] view voter IDs. I have a feeling New Jersey will transition, as will a lot of other states out there.

Watch the video below:

Remember, Republican Jack Ciatarelli came extremely close to winning the New Jersey governor’s race in 2021. The elections were closer than anyone expected. That spirit is still there.