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Trump: Israel ‘loses a lot of support’ must ‘end’ war in Gaza




Trump: Israel 'loses a lot of support' must 'end' war in Gaza

DoD photo by D. Myles Cullen/Released

Donald Trump said Monday that Israel “must end” the war in Gaza and that the country “has to be very careful” because it is “losing a lot of support.”

The former president and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee made his comments in an interview with an Israeli news channel.

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‘It’s a very bad image for the world’

Trump made his comments immediately after Israel canceled a delegate visit to Washington DC.

Politics reports“The presumptive Republican nominee’s comments come as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu withdrew an Israeli delegation that was about to visit Washington after the US passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire by the UN Security Council had approved.”

“Trump’s comments also come as President Joe Biden’s administration has become increasingly critical of Israel’s planned military offensive in Rafah, the southern Gaza city where more than 1 million Palestinians have sought refuge from the conflict. ”

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The Politico story continued:

In an interview with Israel Hayom, a publication owned by the family of the late conservative real estate mogul Sheldon Adelson, Trump suggested that he would have acted in a very similar manner to the Israeli government in the aftermath of the attack by Hamas militants. But he also said Israel made “a very big mistake” with photos and images of bombs dropped on Gaza that helped stir public opinion against the war.

‘I wanted to call [Israel] and say don’t do it,” Trump told the newspaper. “These photos and recordings. I mean, moving images of bombs being dropped into buildings in Gaza. And I said, Oh, that’s a terrible portrait. It is a very bad image for the world.”

Trump – who has described himself as the “most pro-Israel president ever” – has previously suggested the need for a quick end to the war in Gaza.

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Trump on the war between Israel and Hamas: ‘A lot of people are dying’

Trump said about the conflict in November: ‘So there is a war going on, and you will probably have to let it play out. You’ll probably have to let it happen, because a lot of people are dying.

“There is no hatred like the Palestinian hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. And probably the other way around, I don’t know,” he added.

Trump ended with, “You know, it’s not that obvious, but it probably is. So sometimes you have to let things happen and see where it ends.

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